The most popular German casino games

The most popular German casino games

Month after month, there are new games on the market and among the most played games are now the slots. One reason for this is certainly the variety of one-armed bandits. Despite the large number, there are some slot machines that have become a real classic and are indispensable from the gaming scene. In addition to the numerous slots, but also other games are becoming increasingly popular.

Playing in the online casino

Before registering in a casino, however, a few points should be considered. Important is the seriousness of the casino, the support and for many players also the welcome bonus. Especially here it is important to look that the prescribed bonus conditions can also be met. The support should be available in several ways and in the best case also be offered in German. Because if there should be a problem, the player does not want to additionally struggle with language problems as well. How popular a game or a casino is but also depends on how high the chance of winning and how high the respective jackpot is.

The best casino online games

Very popular are the classic casinos. This includes roulette and blackjack. They are offered in the most different variants and each player can pick out his favorite version here. What is striking here is the partly high-quality graphics, which excites the player. In the USA, besides the games mentioned above, craps, baccarat and of course poker are very popular. Likewise, the slots are among the most sought-after games in a casino. These are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany and offer huge jackpots in an incredible number of variations. Here the player finds video slots dedicated to topics such as space travel, fairy tales or history, as well as the classics known from the many arcades. The offer is so extensive that it is sometimes difficult to find the right game.

The most popular games in Germany

The most popular game of chance of the Germans is still Lotto, respectively. the numerous lotteries such as the Eurojackpot or Eurolotto which entice with winnings in the millions. Followed closely by sports betting and Texas Hold’em Poker. However, Blackjack and slot machines are catching up more and more in Germany as well. Very popular with slots is the simple way of playing. As a user here does not have to deal with strategies for a long time and can usually start immediately. But also roulette finds more and more followers and is very popular especially in the live casinos.

The games with the best chances of winning

Who plays in a casino, who usually also wants to win. Apart from the free variants, the game only becomes really exciting when real money is wagered. The highest payout rates are found in classic casino games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack. The payout rates here are often over 95 percent. Video poker also has very high payout rates and thus inspires more and more players. The slots are usually at a payout ratio of more than 94 percent. The advantage of slots, however, lies in the low stakes. Here you can often play with just one cent. Mostly already on the starting side of the different on-line Casinos the high Jackpots are advertised and profit possibilities in five digit height are no rarity.

The start as a newcomer

Who is looking for the right suitable online game will face the problem of the huge selection. Not only are more and more online casinos flooding the Internet, but the huge selection of games is also very confusing. Here the player should first concentrate on the points mentioned at the beginning such as seriousness and bonus. If the appropriate casino was found, the gamer can now pick out the appropriate game. It is advisable to first test a free version for practice. Has one with the play in peace to look at and only then for correct stakes play.