The top 15 most popular cities for burglars

The top 15 most popular cities for burglars

Insurers show where burglars prefer to strike and how much they take away.

In Germany, the number of burglaries has continued to rise over the last 10 years. More than 3.2 million people have already seen strangers break into their house or apartment and steal their property.

Around 4 percent of all Germans are affected. The bigger the city you live in, the greater the risk of becoming the victim of a burglary. In the 15 largest German cities, more than 8 percent of all people have been burglarized in the last 10 years. That is the depressing result of an analysis of the insurance companies.

But there are differences, for example in the amount of damage suffered after a break-in. This is how burglars in Düsseldorf made off with up to 3.596 euros the most. In Leipzig, however, the damage was “only” 936 euros. However, the amount of loss says nothing about which cities are most frequently burglarized.

The top 15 cities most popular with burglars:

  1. Leipzig
    Loss frequency 18.3 percent (in the last 10 years)
    Amount of damage 936 EUR (on average)
  2. Hanover
    Loss frequency 12 percent
    Amount of loss 1.271 EUR
  3. Cologne
    Loss frequency 11.2 percent
    Amount of loss 2.809 EUR
  4. Bremen
    Loss frequency 10.4 percent
    Loss amount 2.786 EUR
  5. Dresden
    Loss frequency 9.8 percent
    Amount of damage 999 EUR
  6. Dortmund
    Loss frequency 9.6 percent
    Amount of damage 2.157 EUR
  7. Berlin
    Loss frequency 11.2 percent
    Amount of loss 2.809 EUR
  8. Hamburg
    Loss frequency 9.2 percent
    Amount of loss 3.121 EUR
  9. Düsseldorf
    Loss frequency 8.8 percent
    Damage amount 3.596 EUR
  10. Food
    Loss frequency 8.6 percent
    Amount of loss 2.703 EUR
  11. Frankfurt / Main
    Damage frequency 8,1 percent
    Damage amount 2.702 EUR
  12. Duisburg
    Loss frequency 7.4 percent
    Amount of loss 1.979 EUR
  13. Stuttgart
    Loss frequency 3 percent
    Damage amount 2.898 EUR
  14. Nuremberg
    Loss frequency 2.9 percent
    Amount of damage 2.285 EUR
  15. Munich
    Loss frequency 2.9 percent
    Amount of damage 2.864 EUR

All these are truly not small amounts of damage that need to be replaced quickly. And it is even worse if the burglars also wantonly destroyed furnishings or devastated the entire apartment. Good, if you can then fall back on a home insurance, which covers such damage.

But before such damage occurs, you should thoroughly check what passive and active protection your apartment or house offers against burglary. An alarm system is a must for valuable furnishings, but secured windows, better locks, more stable doors and one’s own behavior can also effectively prevent many a burglary.