Online casinos in Germany – are they really that popular?

Online casinos in Germany – are they really so popular?

Since online casinos are legal in Germany, you have certainly heard a lot about these types of gambling. You have probably seen advertisements and heard people in your area talking about them. It almost seems as if this is a new trend – and this is probably also so. Online casinos are becoming more and more popular and actually there is hardly anyone who has never heard of them. But why is the online casino such a success? Today we explain to you why it has gained popularity so quickly in Germany.

The legalization of the online casino

A first reason is probably the timing at which the online casinos were approved. For a long time, gambling in Germany was only allowed to be offered offline – heavily regulated by the state. But in 2022, the State Treaty on Gambling was enacted and since then you can also play online in the casino. This was of course pretty good timing for the industry, because at that time Germany was in lockdown. Many people were more or less locked up at home, with hardly anything to do and much more boredom instead. No wonder that the casino was thus the full success; because everyone wanted to find a good pastime, so as not to be bored. This has already created a kind of routine that has continued to attract people to the casino even after Lockdown.

The many advantages of the online casino

In general, there were never really a gigantic number of options to go to the casino on site. There was not everywhere and just who lived in the country, always had to travel a bit to arrive at the casino. An online casino offers here enormously many advantages, because now YOU can visit it even from your cell phone. So you can just switch to the online casino on the go, or even from the comfort of your home. So local boundaries no longer exist.

Online casinos in Germany - are they really that popular?

Roulette | photo: PIRO4D,, Pixabay License

Through live casinos, the social advantages of the on-site casino are not lost and that makes an online casino an all-around wonderful experience.

Online lotteries

We Germans love lotteries. At every supermarket checkout you can usually sign up and thus many of us do it over and over again. This has also almost become a habit and many Germans log on at least once a month, hoping for a win. Online lotteries have also been approved with the online casino and thus, of course, the Germans have jumped on it as well. There is no doubt that lotteries have also persuaded many people to take a closer look at online gambling. We can also recommend this to you, because lotteries do not require any strategies or thought experiments – you can simply participate for the fun of it and keep your fingers firmly crossed for yourself.

You can certainly see why online casinos have become so successful in such a short time. In addition, of course, there is also the clever marketing, which the online casinos also make visible to everyone.