Sports betting online or locally

Sports betting: online or local?

If you like to bet on the matches of your favorite football team or are generally interested in sports betting, you will be faced with a decision right from the start: bet online or go to your local betting shop instead? Both options have advantages, but also disadvantages. Which form has which advantages and for whom which of the betting options is suitable, we would like to clarify below.

Online sports betting: fast, convenient and diverse

If you want to bet as quickly and spontaneously as possible and do not want to fixate on just a few sports, you should look into the online betting offer.

Even when registering for a reputable online sports betting provider, numerous providers advertise bonuses for new customers. Those who plan to place a sports bet more often can benefit from these. But also for beginners they offer a good basis to get acquainted with the topic. In addition, there are bonuses and free bets on special events such as one’s own birthday or a World or European championship. However, these are often linked to conditions such as minimum odds or a multiplication of turnover. In this respect, reading through the terms and conditions before making a deposit is mandatory.

Conveniently via smartphone

Online sports betting can be conveniently done via smartphone. The possibly long way to the betting office is not necessary. There are also no fixed opening hours. Instead, you can quickly and easily place a bet on your favorite team in the Bundesliga during your lunch break in the office, on your way to work or while walking in the park.

Sports betting on the smartphone | Photo: dawnfu,, Pixabay License

Odds & Winnings

The odds as well as the profit margin at online providers are usually higher than in a local betting shop. This can probably be attributed to the oversupply of betting providers and high competition. As a user, however, you benefit from this circumstance. In addition, online sports betting providers and their odds can be easily compared via the Internet.

Sports betting online or locally

The variety

Many local betting shops only offer betting on a few selected sports. The situation is different for online betting. You can certainly find a high variety of different sports on Here, for example, you can bet on classics such as soccer, basketball or tennis. But also on virtual sports, darts or cricket are offered. This gives online betting providers a clear advantage over local betting shops. Especially at a time when direct contact is becoming more and more limited and eSports is on the rise. You can get an overview of possible bets both via desktop and mobile via smartphone.

Local betting shops

The fact that the betting shop “around the corner” has the flair of a community is a criterion for some people to go there. However, this comes at the expense of the flexibility and diversity that online sports betting allows. Thus, in case of doubt, this can be an alternative – but not more in the increasingly digital world.

Minimize search potential with rules

Sports betting is always a gamble at the end of the day. Thus, there is basically a risk of building an unhealthy relationship with it. For this reason, responsible gambling with fixed rules is unavoidable. Fixed betting amount, time limit and the free time compensation, the time spent on betting are anchor points that can provide a stable betting experience.

Thoughtful betting

Online you can gamble your money with just one click. Your own stake can be lost just as quickly as it can be won. In the local betting office, on the other hand, the betting slip must first be filled out. This requires more than just a click. On the other hand, online sports betting often lacks the dynamics that develop with a local bookmaker. Especially when friends and colleagues are present. Such an influence rarely exists online. Finally, the smartphone can simply be turned off and plugged in.

Payout of winnings

The only real advantage between the local betting shop and the online sports betting provider lies in the payout of winnings. In a betting office you receive your winnings in cash directly after the game. The payout is not tied to any conditions and must also not be used again. This can be different with online bookmakers. For example, the payout is tied to a minimum balance or there are payout limits from which an amount can only be requested.

Exchange about betting

The atmosphere in the local betting shop is different from that online. Betting operators like to discuss upcoming matches and talk shop about odds and the likelihood of a win. Although this has the advantage that meaningful information also circulates in the process. But evenly accordingly the disadvantage that the own opinion is changed by others. For online sports betting, the player relies on the knowledge he has acquired himself. Thus, it is not influenced by others.