Scratch cards, a candy in between

Scratching tickets, a candy in between

Everybody remembers the colorful scratch cards and the joy of being able to collect the winnings immediately. After the week's shopping, you buy one or two scratch cards to brighten up your day and lo and behold, you win!! Quickly some nice winnings came out, which could sweeten the day or even the whole week. Nowadays this fun is more and more rare, but it is very easy to get this fun at home.

If you look around on Google, you will find countless providers, but here it is important to get to a reputable provider, such as the scratch card provider Often, reference is made to online casinos, which are still very fuzzy in their legality under German law and thus operate in a legal gray area.

Serious providers?

It is often not easy to recognize reputable online scratch card providers, especially because many providers provide their pages with a lot of advertising or flashing pictures and texts to distract the attention and to direct it to another even more dubious and insecure website, where you might even catch viruses and Trojans. Or you are referred to a page that disguises its origin and, if possible, does not offer any contact options.

Scratch cards, a candy in between

Refreshing is therefore a calm website, where you can clearly orientate yourself and not push you with a clumsy click to pay or put you in danger of sending your data on uncertain ways. Many black sheep also do not point out the dangers of gambling, so that uninitiated users quickly find themselves in an addiction. In addition, reputable providers adhere to data protection laws, so that they do not simply sell their data to third parties.

scratch card fun from home

With small stakes, it is easy to win pleasant amounts with scratch cards with a high chance, with which you can treat yourself to a bit of luxury. Rarely are the amounts so spectacular that they exceed the 10.000€ mark, but they offer a pleasant ratio to the money invested. Of course, scratch cards are a kind of gambling (key point: danger of gambling addiction), which should be kept in mind as well as, for example, playing the lottery or going to the casino. But since the amounts wagered are usually only a few cents or even only one game currency is used, the risks of gambling addiction are lower, so the possibility of responsible gambling can be fully eliminated.

Play currency or real money?

With many on-line offerers one must use directly genuine money, in order to be able to use the play offer of the respective side. With good providers, a user account and an e-mail address are all that is needed to make full use of the site. If you decide to invest real money, it is best to look for a provider that offers an attractive starting balance as a welcome bonus.