What do I do when I win the lottery

What do I do if I win the lottery?

This is how you behave if you have won the lottery.

You have won the lottery? Great, congratulations.

What you have to do now to get your winnings, we explain in this article.

Keep calm

Now you have to stay calm for the time being. First of all you should clarify how high the winnings could be. If you win the 6 out of 49 lottery, you don’t have to assume that millions will land in your account. That should be clear.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a six with a super number on your ticket, or if you get all 5 EuroJackpot numbers right, including the two Euro numbers, then the situation is quite different. Depending on the amount of the respective jackpot, you may very well become a millionaire tomorrow, perhaps even a multiple millionaire.

Now you should definitely keep calm. First of all, do not tell anyone about your winnings. Do not quit your job immediately. Do not make any big, flashy new purchases.

First of all you have to clarify how high the profit will be.

Find out the odds

The respective odds tell you how high your winnings will be. These odds can vary widely. Everything depends on how many lottery players have played, how high the current jackpot of the corresponding lottery therefore is and how many winners have to share this jackpot in the end. Thus it can happen with many winners that also with a sixer no million profit comes to the payment.

First you should find out the current winning numbers and compare them with the numbers on your play slip. How you get the winning numbers depends on how you played the lottery:

  • If you have played the lottery with an online provider, then you can look up the current winning numbers on the homepage of this provider directly after the draw.Most online lottery providers also automatically inform all players, for example by mail if they have won.
  • Have you played in the lottery kiosk or at the lottery counter, then you can also find out the current winning numbers with your game section there or. check if you have won. However, this is only possible at the respective opening or closing times. Business hours.

→ Of course you can also find out the current winning numbers on our homepage for Lotto 6 out of 49 on Wednesday and Saturday, EuroJackpot on Friday and BinGO! on Sunday.

If it has now turned out that your numbers are the right winning numbers, then it now depends on how much money you really won. As already mentioned, this depends on the respective odds. These are always announced on the working day after the drawing of the winning numbers. That means for the draw of Lotto on Saturday, the winning odds are only announced by the lottery companies on the following Monday.

Even the online lottery providers can’t change that. That’s why these providers do not inform their customers about the actual amount of the winnings until the next working day. The payout takes place then unproblematically without further running ways.

If you have played in a lottery kiosk, you have to show more initiative and go to the kiosk. There he can check with his game section, how much the profit will be. If it turns out that there is a very high win on this ticket, you will only get a message that there is a high win and that you should contact the lottery company.

Which lottery company is responsible for you depends on the state in which you live or where you live. where you have handed in your ticket. That for example with BinGO! important, because this lottery is not played in all federal states. You can find the contact details of all lottery companies here.

The lottery companies also provide all information on stakes, winnings, playing conditions and other issues. We cannot and may not afford this.

Spend your profit

If you have been lucky enough to win a big prize in the lottery, then congratulations to.

No matter how much money you have won, get used to it and get used to the idea of having a lot of money at your disposal. Take your time and make plans on how you want to spend, invest or distribute the money. Do not let yourself be rushed and keep a cool head. Let yourself be guided by investment advisors and tax advisors in your decisions.

Do not tell anyone about your winnings, who should not necessarily know that. Otherwise this will only arouse envy and possibly attract false friends.

Fulfill your long-cherished dreams. Live out your creative side. Change your lifestyle. Buy what you want. Everything is now possible without financial worries.

However, if you can’t handle your winnings at all, because they threaten to completely disrupt your life, then you can also donate the money to needy people or organizations. You should also seek the advice of a tax advisor on this matter.