Hansa on the way to the regional league

Hansa on the way to the Regionalliga?

Is the traditional club F.C. Hansa Rostock in an unstoppable downward spiral?

After 15. After just one matchday, coach Karsten Baumann’s men are in 19th place with just 14 points. Table place. Pointgleich behind it stands only Holstein Kiel.
With 12 seasons played in the highest German league, Hansa Rostock is still the most successful club from the east of the republic in the soccer top flight. Since the relegation in 2022 from the 2. Bundesliga is working feverishly on the return to professional soccer. But the current situation leaves the over 10.000 members take their breath away week after week.

Problem 3. League

Experts have long warned that the 3. League a “Insolvency League” be. There is hardly any TV money and far too little support from DFL and DFB. No club can afford that in the long run.
For a renowned club like the F.C. Hansa Rostock must win promotion again in the next few years if it is not to get into serious trouble again. Already in the spring of 2022, the financial situation of the club had already worsened once to the point that this threatened insolvency. In May 2022, the Rostock city council then voted in favor of a package of measures that ensured the club’s survival through some financial waivers from creditors and the Rostock tax office.

The relegation fear grows more and more. Even before the home game against the Würzburger Kickers, there was fear that next season will only be able to offer regional league soccer. A terrible idea for a club that in the 1991/1992 season once topped the table in the 1. Bundesliga had led.

Hansa on the way to the regional league

Hopes are pinned on the team finally managing to break free from its sporting slump and once again earning three points. With two wins in a row, they would have escaped the bottom of the table for the time being.
However, to really get these points will not be easy. Those who firmly believe that the Rostock team will achieve this feat can gold-plate their soccer knowledge with the help of sports betting. Here you can learn what you should pay attention to when betting on Hansa Rostock soccer.

Use the winter break for a new line-up

Reversing the negative trend before the winter break and spending the winter in a non-relegation spot must now be the team’s primary goal. Then you can take care of a very good playful preparation in the winter break, possibly make reinforcements in the squad and thus play a better Rückrunde.
In order to strengthen the squad, the club needs the help of sponsors. Since it comes in the current situation of course not very convenient that the long-time sponsor “Wohnungsgenossenschaft Union Rostock e.G.” will stop its commitment. Deadline for the end of the season on 30. June 2023 contract expires. The promotion of the Hansa youth would one however further pursued.
This means that the club will probably be short a six-figure sum in its planning for the next season, which will affect the future situation of the F.C. Hansa Rostock will not make it easier.

Goal © Vitaly Krivosheev – Fotolia.com

Nevertheless, many fans believe that the cog (the old merchant ship of the Hanseatic League is in the club symbol) will not go down and that the kickers from the Baltic Sea can still avert the downward trend in this season. Hansa Rostock could thereby the 3. League will be preserved. The club and its loyal fans would certainly be to be wished this.