Probability of winning Keno

Probability of winning at Keno

Keno – so goes’s and so are the chances of a win.

Keno is a round 2.000 years old lottery, which has its origin in China. Over the USA Keno came some years ago also to Germany. Here Keno* is organized by the members of the German Lotto and Totoblock. Every day at 19:10 o’clock the drawing of the 20 winning numbers takes place.

How to play Keno

70 numbers are available on one betting field. From these 70 numbers, you tick 2 to 10. Depending on the number of ticked numbers and the number of correct numbers, the possible winnings will be calculated.

This is how much you can win

The more numbers you tick correctly, the higher the prize can be. However, the amount of the winnings also depends on how many numbers were marked on a betting field in total. If all 10 numbers out of 10 are correct, then you will receive the highest prize of 1 million EUR. EUR.
Winnings are also possible if only 2 numbers are marked on the betting field and these 2 numbers are among the 20 winning numbers drawn. Even winnings with 0 correct tips are possible, because Keno gives back double the stake for 9 or 10 tipped numbers and the single stake for 8 tipped numbers.

Sounds complicated and it is. Everything depends on the number of tipped numbers. A look at the Keno winning schedules, always depending on the numbers tipped, gives a little more overview: