Search Engine Optimization simply explained!

Search engine optimization simply explained!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. This is the term for all measures that are taken to improve the placement of a website in search results.

This optimization ensures that the website has a top ranking in the organic search results and thus increases traffic. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that can continue to deliver traffic long after it has been implemented.

No permanent measures are required, but regular optimization is recommended.

Important components of search engine optimization

The measures consist of several components. Which include the creation or improvement of content so that unique content is created. The setting of internal links of the website also belongs to it, as the external links of other websites.

Just as important are correctly set keywords, title tags or an appealing meta description.

Among all search engines, Google is the leader. Which uses the help of an algorithm to evaluate the standards of human users. These are the criteria that determine how the ranking turns out.

The mobile search is increasing more and more, so that the SEO measures have to be adapted accordingly.

In addition, you should consider that an optimization is not carried out once, but must be readjusted at regular intervals. One-time changes lead to temporary improvements, but are not sustainable.

Search engine optimization is composed of 2 different main issues. Onpage optimization is mentioned first, offpage second. Since Google and Co. If you place special emphasis on unique content, you should pay additional attention to content marketing.

What is the goal of search engine optimization?

The actual goal of Search Engine Optimization is to find a relevant page with good content for each search query and to place it at the top of the rankings. The search results are presented in small texts (snippets), these should encourage the user to click on them.

The goal is to ensure that there is a match between the search term and the content of the page. Your entire website should be filled with relevant content. Which is prepared for the user in desktop as well as in mobile view.