Playing the lottery in deutschmarks is possible again

Playing the lottery in deutschmarks possible again

From now on it is possible to play the lottery in DM again. After the EURO turned out to be the biggest gamble of all times, Lotto wants to become more serious again. Lottery winnings will, if desired, be paid out in hard D-Mark again in the future.

When the collapse of the euro zone comes and the old currencies are reintroduced, the lucky lottery winners should also have something from their money. Your winnings will then already be denominated in euros and are thus protected against possible exchange losses.
Whether there will also be the possibility to play in other currencies, such as US dollars, Swiss francs or Norwegian kroner, has not yet been decided.

Playing the lottery in deutschmarks is possible again

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A tip on the popular Lotto 6 out of 49 then costs DM 2.50 again. The jackpots are doubled for participants who pay in DM. The current jackpot thus stands at a fabulous 20 million Deutschmarks.
Simply tick on the new lottery tickets – in addition to participation in Spiel 77 and Super 6 – whether the ticket is to be settled in euros or deutschmarks. Already you have the chance to win in hard currency.

## That was of course only an April Fool’s joke ## Whereby some could probably really make friends with it…
Playing the lottery is also worthwhile in euros.